Courses Offered

Puppy Kindergarten


This course is for the puppy under four months of age. Subjects covered are housebreaking, chewing, biting, jumping, and much more.

Puppies are taught to walk on loose lead and are encouraged to interact with other puppies and people.

Our puppy classes are intended to prevent problems before they start. By making the puppy owner aware of certain behaviors we can help eliminate or avoid the behaviors that create the unmanageable dog and build on the ones that make owning a dog a pleasure.

Course runs 4 weeks, 1 hour sessions

Beginner Obedience


This course is structured to supply the owner with information and techniques to teach their dog the basic obedience commands;

heel, sit, come, down and stay. This course also helps to create a bond of trust and respect between the dog and owner.

Course runs 8 weeks, 1 hour sessions

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Intermediate Obedience


This course continues with the basic obedience training but is geared to eventual off-leash control.

Course runs 8 weeks, 1 hour sessions

Advanced Obedience


This course continues with off-leash instructions and introduces the high jump and broad jump. This is fun to teach your dog and fund for your dog to do.

Course runs 8 weeks, 1 hour sessions







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